This app is not just a preset player but a full production studio. You can create anything from a simple Binaural Beat, to a nature soundscape or even generative style music.

sc2You have full power to create your own sessions, but to get you started there are over 25 built in which you can use on their own or as templates. These cover:

• Relax – Relieve stress and meditate
• Sleep – Helps to calm your mind and achieve restful sleep
• Focus – Aid concentration and improve learning

Each session can have the time remapped from 1 minute up to 24 hours.

Audio Strobe simulates the flashing glasses found with mind machines (* phone version).

You can export your creations in all the popular audio formats to listen on any device or share with others.




sc3The editor allows to add any number amount of nodes at points in time and at frequency’s between Delta and Gamma. You can then adjust the volume for each sound within a node to crossfade between them.

By tapping on the frequency number you will be given a comprehensive list of frequency’s with their effects.




sc7The entrainment Tone can be changed between Isochronic and Binaural. The Modulation shape effects the Isochronic Tone and background sounds. The modulation waveform can be freely morphed between Sine (softer) and Square (more pronounced).





sc5There are over 100 sound available which cover Nature, Environmental and Musical. The types of sounds that can be added are:

• Background – Continual looping.
• Incidental – Are played when determined by a randomness factor. Every time you play the session it will be slightly different.

For each sound you can change the pitch, change it’s frequency content with two filters and send it to 4 shared Echo effects.