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As a hardcore music hobbyist with more than 20 years of experience with some of the best audio software since FastTracker II till now and some hardware synths, samplers , sequencers etc. I rarely get impressed by any new audio technologies. Well, Neuro Sequencer Pro surprised me! It is a really well thought and unique piece of software and it is outputting high quality sound. The editing options are carefully selected, giving enough freedom to creativity without the distraction of having too much possibilities. The results are hypnotic and beautiful. NSP comes with great presets so anyone can enjoy the meditational sounds and use them to relax, focus etc, even if the person is not interested in sound technologies. The app is a must for all ambient music fans… and one more thing – it runs perfectly both on my phone and my laptop. Neuro Sequencer Pro is one of the two best purchases I’ve ever made in windows store.
Hristo, Bulgaria

I need to learn how to use this well, but I play one of the installed sequences at bedtime and I fall asleep VERY quickly. A powerful tool. Again, I will have to spend time learning how to use this even more effectively. This is definitely not a toy or gimmick. Thanks!
Conrad, United States

I gotta admit, I thought this was gonna be bogus. But then I tried it, and *********. That’s all I really have to say. *********. Now I use this app every day.
Kami, United States

Awesome App, really works !! Really recommend to any with sleep disorders or concentration issues.
Mohd, India

One of the best app I’ve used. Free version, and Paid one. Both worth it.
Nicolas, Mauritius

Solved my insomnia problems.
Diman , United States

If you need to sleep use this app. It works!
Roberto, United States

Top notch program with nice presets and editor that makes it’s possibilities limitless.
maja, United States

Great !! It works …. Really all must download it…. It can change your life… Especially focus for exams
Arvinder, India

Awesome app. I tried it for my insomnia, WIN, slept like a baby. Works great
Roy, United States

Seriously works, problems with stress, sleep, or concentrating you have to get this app. You won’t be disappointed!
User, United States

Coming from a person who needs “SOMETHING” to study, focus, sleep! This is the app that has that “SOMETHING.” I have tried between 10-20 other apps but nothing works like this. At first the simple, warm tones feel weird but give it a try, let it fill your mind! Dont just listen to it for a minute or two and press the stop button. It takes time for that “SOMETHING” to kick in but once it does you will understand what I mean. Soft, calm, mellow, dreamy, introspective- are a few words to describe it.
Brian, United States

This is really adaptive and modifiable, mixes calming sounds and music with effective waves and it’s broken up into helpful categories. 5 stars on both content and app navigation…
Shearl, United States

If I could id give this 10/5 *. Such complexity. In depth editing/creating of your own or preset binaural/iso tracks. More than enough accompanying sound effects. Easy to navigate interface. The perfect app of this genre.
Josh, Australia

Actually works I haven’t fallen asleep that fast in years
Jesús, United States

Brilliant binaural app, better than any that I’ve tried,even on android. Keep it up guys
Prabuddha, India

I can give a lot more stars than these five…works very effectively…a must have app…
User, India

Love it. Perfect for meditation
Garnet, Canada

It works U won’t need any pills to sleep or coffee to concentrate 🙂
Simran, India

Its very much worth the money, I sleep easier, think clearer and create better with this app, top class!
Andre-Omari, United Kingdom

Awesome. Bought it 😛 well done developer, delivering on great app and not trying to rip off people on some micropayments. 5 stars.
Lukas, Poland

Отлично, можно дойти с помощью этой штуки до тета и гамма медитации (Excellent, can be reached by using this thing to Theta and gamma meditation)
СЕРГЕЙ, Russia

Great app. Really the ability to customize our own soundscapes. Very intuitive and comprehensive editor too.
Hana, Singapore